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Healthline launches Traveller Channel

Coinciding with the most heavily traveled season of the year, Healthline, is launching the Healthy Traveler Channel, an exclusive resource that connects people to pertinent information on how to stay healthy while traveling.

Healthline visitors now have access to a wide range of relevant travel-related health topics and interactive tools as they prepare to be in close contact with family and strangers alike during their holiday travels.

The Healthy Traveler Channel is the latest addition to the popular Health Channels on the Healthline website, appealing to travelers of all types—from families flying across the country to spend time with relatives, to the ubiquitous “road warriors” who find themselves in a different city each week.

The channel presents a wealth of information from across the Internet, divided into easy-to-browse categories, such as staying fit while traveling, coping with jet lag, and general travel health, from sources such as the Mayo Clinic, Harvard Medical School and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).

Visitors also have access to Healthline’s medically guided search, which culls information from more than 62,000 relevant health sites, as well as Healthline’s visual HealthMaps®, worldwide travel health updates from the CDC, and an interactive flu surveillance map that provides the ability to monitor, in real time, the spread of influenza across the U.S.


“An estimated 60 million people will take to the skies, rails and roads over the next several weeks, and we realize many of them are concerned about health-related issues resulting from winter travel and airborne viruses,” said Tony Gentile, vice president of product marketing, Healthline. “The Healthy Traveler channel offers a comprehensive health resource for everyone from occasional travelers to those who spend a majority of their time on the road.”

The Healthy Traveler Channel is one of more than 200 topically focused health channels that provide users with contextually relevant information on topics ranging from Alzheimer’s and Diabetes to Nutrition and Pregnancy. Healthline’s health channels, combined with the website’s unique Medically Guided Search capabilities, make it easier for users to find relevant healthcare information and interact with the results in a manner that offers a direct path from search to discovery.

A centerpiece of Healthline’s search experience is the company’s proprietary HealthMaps. Developed in conjunction with more than 1,100 leading physicians and medical informatics professionals, HealthMaps enable users to visually explore all of the information related to a disease, drug or condition without the need to repeatedly type new queries into the search box.