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Ryanair takes on WebTrends

Ryanair has brought on-board WebTrends to enable it to have a complete understanding of visitor activity across all of its 19 different language web sites.

As the most searched travel web site in Europe, with over 27 million passengers choosing to fly with the low-cost airline during 2004, Ryanair has selected WebTrends to analyze web site visitor behavior.

WebTrends will provide comprehensive analysis, given the complexity of the routes and the broad range of languages available on Ryaniair’s Website.

Ryanair will be able to identify web visitor trends across its European sites and utilize the in-depth reporting provided by WebTrends On Demand.

This is crucial to advertisers who need an understanding of the habits and preferences of each country’s web users in order to target campaigns more effectively.


“With 98 percent of our flight bookings being made over the Internet, analyzing web site and visitor behavior is increasingly important,” said Santina Doherty, head of advertising and ancillary revenue, Ryanair.

“As we need to have a clear understanding of our web visitors, a key benefit of working with WebTrends On Demand is the accurate and actionable management reports which enable us to make informed decisions quickly—a must-have in our fast-moving industry sector.”

WebTrends SmartView(TM) is also a tool used by Ryanair, making it easy to evaluate page real estate to optimize link prominence, content effectiveness and improve page conversion.

With WebTrends SmartView, Ryanair can evaluate the popularity of each individual page link with click-through, path, conversion metrics, as well as visitor segment behavior, superimposed directly on the page being viewed.

“Increasingly the web is the first port of call for people looking to book flights and holidays,” said Nick Sharp, vice president and general manager, WebTrends EMEA.

“As a result competition is stiff within this sector and insight into web visitors and their needs is vital in order to stay ahead of the game. With WebTrends On Demand, Ryanair can measure its web site visitor behavior and utilize accurate reporting to identify which areas entice visitors and which need optimization.”