Breaking Travel News launches True Dynamic Packaging is introducing True Dynamic Packaging, a new online booking tool that allows Hoteliers, Tour Operators and Vacation Rental Property Management Companies to offer airfare, car rentals and activities along with lodging at their properties on their own website in real time and in a single transaction charged to the traveler’s credit card. has a connection to Pegasus and can instantly display live rates (published or net rates) and availability via the Hotel’s existing CRS without any set-up or on-going maintenance. If a hotel does not have a connection to Pegasus via their CRS or does not want to process the room reservation in this fashion, rates and availability can also be managed via an extranet or via online revenue management tools such as EzYield and RateTiger’s RTAllocator. claims to turn a Hotel’s website into a complete travel planning resource for its clients without incurring the upfront and ongoing costs required in owning and controlling a customized dynamic packaging solution. Additionally, the high costs of staff for fulfilling and servicing commercial air ticketing and accessing GDS systems to do so are eliminated.

According to Richard Getz, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for, “Consumers prefer to book travel online. And when traveling involves flying, consumers often check their preferred hotel or vacation rental property online for rates and availability, but hold-off on booking their accommodations until after they’ve purchased their airfare. Why? Because they don’t know what it will cost them to get there. That’s why travel packaging is so popular…consumers have a better idea of the total cost of their trip before they buy it.”

Getz continues, “Dynamic packaging is the key business strategy in today’s travel industry.  Our True Dynamic Packaging service provides the same value to the independent Hotel and Vacation Rental Property community and helps level the playing field by offering travelers who want to book packages online the ability to do so, thus enhancing the Hotel’s brand awareness and improving customer loyalty.”