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Traventec warns travel sites to move with technology

Advances in self-service technology and mobile devices for consumers, are playing an increasingly important role in the travel sector according to a report from Traventec, Europe’s leading travel software development company.

Published today, the report Innovative Self-Service and Communication Technology Fuelling Customer Intimacy demonstrates the importance of establishing relationships with customers by providing them with information when and where they want it.

Greg Cawley, CEO, Traventec comments: “Due to the increase in seamless provision of complex customer-focused services, such as access via mobile devices, travel suppliers must move with the times and embrace new technology.
It is a logical and necessary move forward for travel companies to implement these technologies to improve the travel experience for the consumer, communicate with them via their preferred medium and ultimately, enhance the customer relationship. What’s more, through implementing these changes, travel companies can reduce operating costs and improve efficiency.”

The report also spotlights how technological developments can help create customer loyalty. This includes, for example, providing automatic notification of flight changes, delays or cancellations to customers via SMS text to their mobile phones or enabling consumers to look up flight information and check availability using the i-mode, mobile internet service.

Cawley says: “There has never been a greater opportunity for travel providers to offer solutions to empower customers to engage interactively in the B2C relationship. Through embracing these changes, businesses can create a strong customer relationship model.”