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Eland Technologies founder in new appointment

CarTrawler, a new entrant car distribution system (GNE) is appointing Bobby Healy, founder of Eland Technologies to its executive team as Chief Technology Officer. Healy recently sold his company Eland Technologies to SITA.
Commenting on his appointment to CarTrawler, Bobby Healy said “Today’s’ travel distribution landscape is changing. Airlines are seeking to bypass traditional GDS and sell directly to consumers.  These consumers are a captive audience and provide airlines and travel agencies with an enormous opportunity to sell ancillary services such as car rental and hotel bookings.  It’s been proven that these ancillary services can become a very lucrative revenue stream.  Historically, however there have been significant hurdles to an airline achieving this in the areas of both technology and content”.

He added:  “CarTrawler’s new entrant distribution technology has addressed both of these barriers by providing a turn key solution for airlines or travel agencies to efficiently deliver high quality, low cost car rentals to existing customer bases in over 6,000 destinations worldwide.”