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Aeronautics technology awards presented

Winners of NASA’s Turning Goals into Reality Awards were recognized Tuesday for technology achievements that contributed to advancing aeronautics research and making air travel safer, quieter, and efficient. The awards were presented to NASA employees, industry and university partners.

“Last night we honored eight achievements from people who worked together in unique partnerships to identify common needs and achieve common goals,” said Dr. Jaiwon Shin, deputy associate administrator for NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate. “From testing a new form of propulsion on Earth that could improve access to space to developing a way to dramatically reduce aircraft cargo hold fire detection false alarms, these achievements represent our mission to benefit the American public.”

The seventh annual Turning Goals into Reality awards ceremony was hosted by NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Cleveland. NASA recognized teams for making strides in improved aviation safety, protecting the environment, increasing air space capacity and mobility, and improving national security. Additionally, an award was given for Inspiring Students and Engaging the Public.