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CTO and CHA sign historic pact

A historic agreement has been signed by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) and the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) in which the two organisations have pledged “full cooperation and collaboration between the public and private sectors of the Caribbean tourism industry in order for tourism development to proceed in a coherent, effective and efficient manner.”
This follows a number of years in which both organisations walked
similar, but disparate paths in promoting the region. “We already
collaborate in a number of specific areas and already exchange directors on each other’s boards but we have stopped short of establishing a process under which our collaboration is pervasive and permanent,” said a statement written by both organisations.

A 14-point Memorandum of Understanding has been signed “intended to
provide written evidence of that intent and we set out hereunder some of the principles under which we wish to proceed,” the statement went on.

“We have put together this Memorandum of Understanding so that we move forward as one Caribbean because it makes us stronger together,” said Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace, secretary general of the Caribbean Tourism Organisation.

“We will create a business development unit so that we can provide more benefits for all our members without raising fees,” Vanderpool-Wallace said. “CTO is an organisation in transition and you are going to see a fusion into a single web site promoting Caribbean tourism,” he added.

“CHA is very excited to be collaborating with CTO on a wide range of
matters,” said Berthia Parle, president of the Caribbean Hotel
Association. “One thing that we have already decided to do to
demonstrate the coming together of CTO and CHA is to agree on a single
logo that will clearly promote the Caribbean brand,” she added.