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GB region launches website

South Oxfordshire City Council is launching a new website as part of its bid to increase online activity for the region. will be powered by Tiscover and will launch early next year.

Visitors will be able to search for information on popular attractions and make real-time accommodation bookings.

South Oxfordshire’s content will be automatically distributed through and as part of the EnglandNet project.

Visitors to South Oxfordshire also have the ability to receive all information from the website through mobile phones and other mobile devices.

John Cotton, cabinet member for tourism at South Oxfordshire District Council commented: “We are excited to be expanding the online presence of the council - Tiscover’s work should substantially increase the use of the website by people visiting South Oxfordshire. I’m sure, as a direct result, we will see a significant increase in the value of tourism to our district.”


Karsten Karcher, executive director of Tiscover UK, adds: “By keeping up-to-date with web advancements and meeting the expectations of today’s savvy travel consumer, the region is doing what it needs to do to increase its slice of the tourism revenue pie in Great Britain. Tiscover is proud to be a partner in the development of the website.”