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Korean Air displays A380 interior

Korean Air
is displaying a mockup interior of an actual sized Airbus 380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft capable of carrying 550 passengers, at the Seoul Air Show being held between 18-23 October.
The A380 mockup is being displayed for the public at the Korean Air booth at the Seoul Air Show, which is taking place at Seoul Airport.

The interior of the A380 mockup displays the interior of the middle part of the fuselage 11.3 meters in length with a height of 6 meters and 7 meters in width. The first floor of the aircraft mockup is all economy class and the upper deck is all business class. The interior also displays a mini-bar and other convenient facilities such as a computer work area for cabin crew.

To date, Korean Air and fifteen other carriers have ordered a total of 159 passenger and cargo A380s, with Airbus clearly hoping to deliver on the excitement created by the early displays of the new aircraft.