Breaking Travel News attacks promptly denied the right to claim their new website features as industry’s first.
Herman A. Thuy, creator, founder and president said: “ offers comparison-shopping and customer testimonials on its global hotel information portal since its first day of operation several years ago.’s announcement of ‘side-by-side property comparisons’ is not an industry’s first but flagrant plagiarism and infringement of copyright”.

Thuy added: “ shows guest testimonials as a key differentiator since day one” claim to offer travellers an easy-to-scan chart, showing up to fourteen hotel criteria for each available hotel at destination, comparable at-a-single-glance. They can also read, where available, testimonials from earlier guests, posted as angel or devil stories.’s unique concept reflects the hotels’ desire to reduce reliance on agents and to take back control of rates, margins, yield and brand.

“Hotels never have to pay us commissions or booking fees, and already well-informed travellers simply click through to their hotel(s) of choice, where they always benefit from the very best deal up to the last minute, with the only reliable booking confirmation directly from the hotel” said Thuy.

ADVERTISEMENT claim to offer hotels immediate global and guaranteed visibility and exposure each time travellers select their city as destination.

Commenting further on’s announcement, Thuy said:  “Guides based on evaluators and inspectors are obsolete, as also demonstrated by the fading glory of a French Good Food guide. Smart consumers now mainly rely on verifiable peer testimonials - on, each angel or devil story? is date-stamped and signed with a double-checked and contactable email address of the author. Any devil testimonial does not go online, if at all, before the hotel has been able to comment or correct”

“ offers a great service to the traveller, but is definitely on the side of hoteliers - we do have faith in the hotel’s marketing information, perfectly controlled by the buying power of the online traveller” said Thuy.