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Cendant to Manage Rates Automatically

WizCom, part of Cendant Travel Distribution Services (TDS) will provide EasyAccess Plus - RateManager technology to Cendant Hotel Group. Under the agreement, Cendant will use the Web-based internet application to initialize, populate and manage all of their rate data for onward distribution to the global distribution systems (GDSs).
By routing data through a single entry-point, RateManager customers can dramatically improve the accuracy of rate information, while eliminating the margin for error and significant costs associated with manual rate entry.
          RateManager can communicate directly with a hotel’s Central Reservation System and fully supports RFP and RFI applications and loading processes creating one powerful, yet easy application to manage, update and distribute rates.
“RateManager allows our distribution agents to load rate information for our more than 6,300 hotels in a timely and efficient manner,” said Paula Drum, vice president, revenue management and reservations sales for Cendant Hotel Group. “They now can complete this once time-consuming task much quicker, improving our service to our franchised hotels.”
        “RateManager was developed to address the rate-loading challenges that hotels face today, said Richard Wiegmann, chief operating officer, TRUST International and Wizcom International. “We are very proud that is one of the industry’s most efficient and cost effective rate loading products. The Cendant Hotel Group can now focus more efforts on improving business models and increasing sales, and less time on the rate loading process.”