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Virgin Offers Passengers Inflight Mind Training Technology

Virgin Atlantic Airways is to offer passengers InnerTalk, the world’s first subconscious inflight audio product, as part of its inflight entertainment system V:port.  Vitalia Health specialises in alternative, technology solutions for health and has provided a series of self-improvement products for the audio inflight entertainment system which will be onboard from October 1 2005.

The InnerTalk product contains strong, positive affirmations, which are concealed within the gentle sounds of nature or music.  The affirmation messages enter the ear and travel to the brain subconsciously to the listener where they are converted from electrical impulses into meaningful messages.  The words are disguised in the audio illusion to bypass the conscious mind.  The four programmes that will be available onboard will be Stop Smoking, Accelerated Healing and Well-Being, Relaxation and Positive Mental Attitude.

Rebecca Smith, Acquisitions & Programming Manager for Virgin Atlantic, commented:
“The combination of subconscious learning techniques and this unique technology is a remarkable development and one which we are thrilled to be able to offer our passengers.  InnerTalk can help change the way you think, and we hope that this will further enhance the inflight experience on Virgin Atlantic and continue to be of benefit to passengers long after their journey with us.”

Stephanie Ozanne, Managing Director of Vitalia Health said: “InnerTalk is a totally outstanding technology, leading the way in positive mind training and changing the lives of thousands of people. Vitalia Health is delighted that Virgin Atlantic, the true innovator of the airline business and the positive travel experience, will be sharing this technology with their passengers. Positive thinking is truly the key to health, well-being, success and fulfilment and we are delighted to be able to share InnerTalk with Virgin Atlantic.”

InnerTalk technology is patented with the US Government, backed by independent studies and proven effective by hundreds of thousands of satisfied users around the world.  InnerTalk CDs range in duration from 45min through to 65mins.  It isn’t imperative to listen to the whole CD as the affirmations cycles are repeated. 


InnerTalk will be available on all Virgin Atlantic aircraft which have the v:port inflight entertainment system onboard. All Virgin Atlantic aircraft are fitted with personal seat back TV’s for every passenger. V:port is the most advanced inflight entertainment system offering passengers up to 200 hours of video and audio entertainment on demand along with a wide range of games to choose from. 

Virgin Atlantic also offers an audio session with Flying Without Fear’s psychoanalyst David Landau, for passengers who have a fear of flying using relaxation techniques, soundscapes and constructive hints to clam and de-stress. Passengers who simply want to relax will also find this highly beneficial as 30 minutes spent in deep relaxation is worth six hours of sound sleep.