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Imperial Palace Will Be Better Than Ever!

The havoc wrought by Hurricane
Katrina is being felt deeply throughout the Gulf Coast, but in the midst of
the destruction is the determination to rebuild. “Our goal is to help rebuild our community by getting Imperial Palace back
up and running. Providing jobs and bringing tourism back to the Coast is a
great way to revitalize our local economy. Our employees have been amazing and
we are incredibly proud of their dedication and efforts,” said President and
General Manager, Jon Lucas.Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino suffered minimal damage compared to our
counterparts on the Coast, and with over 500 members of our staff working
aggressively along-side management to clean up and restore, we are firmly on
the path of recovery. Our employees, many of whom lost everything, are working
tirelessly and we thank them for their loyalty and unflinching support.
Behind the scenes are contractors, vendors and other companies, too many to
mention, that are invaluable to our undertaking.
  FEMA and several other contractors working to restore services to the Gulf
Coast have booked all available rooms in the hotel, and we are optimistically
looking to reopen the entire hotel as well as the casino in two to three
months. When the renovations are completed, Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino
will celebrate a new beginning with great restaurants, better product,
outstanding service and newly renovated guest rooms. Wait until you see what’s