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EL AL Brings Hurricane Relief

A dedicated EL AL 747 jumbo cargo
aircraft is flying from Israel today to a military base in Little Rock,
Arkansas to deliver 90 tons of emergency supplies for the victims of Hurricane
Katrina.  The delivery will be transported from Little Rock to New Orleans.
In cooperation with the government of Israel, EL AL is delivering the
urgently needed humanitarian assistance to the stricken region. The special
supplies for adults and children include food, diapers, clothing, shoes, tents
and medical supplies, among other items. EL AL Captain Goffer Yalon is
piloting the jumbo aircraft.
  “As the national airline of Israel, we at EL AL are driven to provide a
lifeline to the rest of the world in times of emergency. It is important that
we do everything possible to ensure that relief supplies get through to the
individuals most in need following this devastating event,” stated Haim
Romano, President of EL AL Israel Airlines.
  EL AL’s current operation is another example of the commitment the airline
made when incepted in 1949 to assist all those in need. EL AL has a
longstanding pledge to the government of Israel that at any time of the day or
night, the airline will organize and operate a mission flight to rescue any in
peril. The many instances include Operation Solomon (the airlift rescue of
thousands of Ethiopians to Israel), and the delivery of relief supplies to
Indonesia following last year’s tsunami.