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Dubai Property Report Launched

IFA Hotels & Resorts, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kuwait’s International Financial Advisors and the main investor on The Palm Jumeirah has announced the launch of the Dubai Property Report. The Report is being published with the support of IFA Hotels & Resorts, and is the only comprehensive and independent report on the thriving property market of Dubai.

The Dubai Property Report enables homebuyers and investors to make an informed decision about property purchase in Dubai. It examines the economic drivers for the growing property market and the potential risks. The report offers property purchasers a sound insight into the legal practicalities of buying property in the emirate and explores the financial products available for home finance. It identifies the major property developments that are available to foreigners, when they will be ready and the buying process. The report also looks at property management and letting, the resale market and offers practical advice to those intending to move to Dubai.   

“While the property market in Dubai has been buzzing with activity in recent years, investors have often felt the need for adequate information on the market. The Dubai Property Report provides a comprehensive view of the real estate scenario in Dubai and helps buyers plan their purchase in advance. It serves as a one-stop source of information for buyers and investors,” said Jassim M. Al-Bahar, Chairman, IFA. 

The report includes valuable contributions from a number of industry experts. It gives a clear and thorough insight into legal issues, market analysis and home finance. The Dubai Property Report can be obtained directly from the publisher via its website (