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Moon Cakes Come to Dubai

The China Club restaurant, located at the ground floor of the InterContinental Dubai, hosts the Moon Cake Festival, a major event of the Chinese Calendar. The China Club offers traditional Moon Cake delicacies throughout September.This tradition, originating from the 14th century is known as the Moon Cake Festival because it consists of a special kind of sweet cake (yueh ping) prepared in the shape of the moon, to represent family unity, and filled with sesame seeds, ground lotus seeds and duck eggs, and is served as a traditional Chung Chiu delicacy. The festival is celebrated when the moon is at its brightest to signify the success of the following year’s harvest. And during the month of September, you can enjoy Moon Cake specialities filled from Green Tea Paste to Pineapple Paste in true elegance and style at The China Club, InterContinental Dubai.

The China Club offers a sophisticated room whose décor is rich in colour, with walls draped in Chinese antique silks and embroidered hangings creating the embodiment of Chinese tradition. And yet there is an atmosphere of modern informality that makes you feel at home while you experience the very finest fusion of traditional and modern Chinese. The China Club effortlessly recreates ancient Imperial China here in Dubai.

Don’t miss your chance to savour The China Club’s traditional Moon Cakes prepared specially by Master Chef Xu and his team of 11 Chefs from China.
You can savour the exquisite Chinese cuisine at The China Club everyday for lunch and dinner. For reservations or more information, please call our Information Centre 04/ 205 7333 or 04/ 205 7444.