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Airlines Assist Hurricane Efforts

Various U.S airlines have announced schemes to assist and encourage donations to the Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts. The total evacuation of New Orleans is under way as conditions in the city battered by the hurricane worsen. Most of New Orleans is under water and many people have spent days on rooftops waiting to be rescued. Thousands are feared to have drowned. American Airlines have announced a special reward of 500 AAdvantage bonus miles for anyone who donates a minimum of $50 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Relief Efforts.

  “In this time of need, we wish to reward those who step forward to support
the American Red Cross hurricane relief efforts,” said Kurt Stache, President
- AAdvantage Marketing.  “The devastation and personal suffering brought about
by this disaster impacts us all.  Our prayers and sympathies go out to all
those affected by this terrible event.”

At the same time United Airlines have announced initiatives to assist with the Hurricane Katrina relief effort in the New
Orleans and Gulf Coast regions, including a United Mileage Plus offer
thanking Mileage Plus members who contribute $50 U.S. or more to any of
United’s non-profit hurricane relief partners with a one-time mileage bonus of
500 redeemable miles.
  Mileage Plus will commit up to 1 million miles to support this offer for
contributions made before Oct. 31, 2005.  To receive the mileage award,
participating members should fax a copy of their donation receipt and Mileage
Plus number to United toll-free at 866-583-5943.
  United is working with several major nonprofit organizations in the
hurricane relief effort to help fulfill supply and shipping needs as
determined in the region by these groups and the affected governments.
Specific partners include the American Red Cross, AmeriCares and Operation

United is also encouraging Mileage Plus members to donate miles to
these organizations as part of its Charity Miles program.  Many relief
organizations send personnel and volunteers to assist in the affected region
in the event of a disaster, and the donation of miles helps defray their
expenses.  Through the Charity Miles program, Mileage Plus members can
donate miles to any of these groups involved in the relief effort, or others
listed on

Meanwhile Continental Airlines announced that it will put 1,000,000 OnePass miles into both its
American Red Cross and AmeriCares mileage donation accounts to support the
relief effort in the areas of the southeastern United States impacted by
Hurricane Katrina.  American Red Cross and AmeriCares provide assistance to
areas affected by natural or man-made disasters, and OnePass mileage donations
to these groups help meet the travel needs of those working to alleviate the
devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina.
  OnePass members can donate their miles to these agencies at>Frequent Flyer>Use Miles>Donate Miles.
  Continental’s OnePass mileage donation accounts allow OnePass members to
contribute their OnePass miles to a number of charitable organizations
including the American Red Cross, AmeriCares, CAREFORCE, Healing the Children
and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  To date, over 85 million miles have been
donated to support these organizations by members of Continental’s OnePass
frequent flyer program.