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Major Hotel Chain Offers Free Broadband Service

Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts has announced that free broadband Internet access will now be a standard service offering beginning in September 2005. Since most Radisson SAS hotels are already wired, all hotel guests can access the Internet from anywhere in the hotel, including rooms, meeting facilities and public areas by using their name and room number.  The new free service includes high-speed as well as wireless Internet access.

“Once again, Rezidor SAS has proven that it is a step ahead of the competition and has cemented the reputation of Radisson SAS as a full service hotel chain,” says Kurt Ritter, president & CEO of Rezidor SAS Hospitality. “Free broadband service is something guests want from hotels today. We are pleased to answer this need at no additional cost to the guest. This service underscores the commitment Rezidor SAS has made to continue to meet the new expectations of today’s global business traveler.”

Rezidor SAS believes that broadband services, whether wired or not, are soon going to be among the essentials of what guests expect at a first class hotel, along with a bathroom, a bed, a telephone and television.

In the beginning of 2005, Radisson SAS completed installation of wireless Internet access (WiFi) at most of its hotels. This was a significant investment by Rezidor SAS to deliver a highly convenient and cost effective service to its guests.

“With the fast growing number of hotspots, laptops and portable devices, business professionals can work more efficiently away from the office,” says Finn Schulz, vice president of information technology at Rezidor SAS Hospitality. “Radisson SAS offers a convenient and useful service that not only makes it easy for users to get connected to the Internet and their corporate networks, but also cuts corporate and leisure expenses by making the service complimentary.”


Free broadband will be available in most Radisson SAS hotels by September 1, 2005, and will be available in all hotels by the end of 2005.