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Traditional Holiday Photos Top as UK Holiday-Goers Snap Happy

The post-holiday slide show is making a comeback among a new generation of show-off ‘photobitionists’, according to a poll by RCI, the world’s leading timeshare exchange and travel membership company.  Yet whilst the digital age means we’re increasingly snap happy, the survey suggests the content of our travel shots is stuck in a rut.
The nationwide survey revealed nearly a quarter of people (22%) insist on inviting friends and family to gather round the computer for a picture by picture account of their holidays, whilst 6% send all their pics to all their email contacts. 

Even though our holiday tastes are becoming more adventurous, we’re rooted in tradition when it comes to where we point our cameras.  49% said a picture of a ‘great view’ was their favourite type of holiday snap, whilst 21% went for the classic staged shot of their ‘partner or family posing next to a famous landmark’.  Only three per cent preferred a more spontaneous picture of the ‘family having fun in the sun’. 

Part of this may be down to who’s behind the lens, with over half of men (55%) grabbing the camera and insisting they call the shots on holiday.

The survey comes as RCI launches a nationwide holiday photo competition among its quarter of a million UK membership base in the next issue of ‘Holiday, The RCI Magazine, the organisation’s popular membership publication.

Other types of favourite holiday photo included pictures of a night out (10%) and artistic shots of the locals (6%). 
One in five (20%) notch up at least a hundred snaps per trip, with 78% of holiday goers using a digital camera.  64% store their photos online or on their computer instead of a traditional photo album.


“As our holiday tastes and experiences become ever more exotic and adventurous, so we’re keener to share the memories with friends back home.  When it comes to the actual pictures though, we tend to stick to the classic shots.  We know interest in photography is high among our members and we expect the RCI competition to inspire budding photographers to be as adventurous behind a lens as they are in front of it.” Said Preben Vestdam, President & CEO RCI Europe & Middle East.