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Asia Sees Dramatic Growth in Tourism from US is reporting that U.S. travelers are discovering the region in record numbers, according to statistics recently released by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Office of Travel and Tourism Industries.
The DOC statistics show that Asia’s popularity among American travelers is growing more rapidly than any other overseas region, with more than 4.5 million Americans visiting Asia in 2004. The leading destination within Asia was the People’s Republic of China, which saw an increase of 90 percent.

Asia’s dramatic growth in tourism from the U.S. can be attributed to several factors, according to executives at, including:

* The U.S. dollar remains quite strong throughout Asia, providing travelers with great value when it comes to lodging, dining, shopping and other local expenditures.
* Economic expansion in China is driving hotel companies to build new properties to accommodate Americans and airlines are adding more routes from the U.S.

* Business travelers visiting China and other locations throughout Asia are extending their trips and/or returning for leisure vacations.
* Asia inspires the American traveler looking for something new—from its unmatched hospitality to world-class cuisine to fascinating culture and heritage.

* The region’s national tourism organizations have partnered with top travel suppliers to promote and brand the region.  This joint effort has resulted in a website that places the full range of travel offers, destination guides and more at

“We expect the Web site’s range of special values, travel tips and destination information to generate widespread interest among American travelers, “said Paul Cohen, president of Partner Concepts, the Annapolis, Maryland travel marketing firm that manages the “See You In Asia” campaign.  “It is safe to say that there has never been anything like See You In Asia for sheer scope and breadth of offers.”

The cornerstone of the campaign is a 32-page print supplement appearing in the September 16th issue of USA Today, as well as the September 18th issues of both the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle. With a combined circulation of more than five million, the supplement is by far the largest marketing blitz promoting travel to Asia.