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Belize Continues to See Arrivals Grow and Grow

Belize’s tourism arrivals for the first four months of 2005, January through April, indicate a continued increase in the country’s tourism. During this period, Belize has been welcoming an increasing number of visitors to its shores from all border points, including its cruise ship port and the international airport.
According to the monthly tourism data compiled by the Belize Tourism Board, total tourism arrivals (exclusive of cruise passengers), from all border points during the months of January through April 2005 grew by 4.1%, accounting for 92,949 overnight visitors.  In addition, hotels throughout the country reported a 14.9% increase in occupancy.

The Philip Goldson International Airport, Belize’s main port of entry, documented 73,727 visitors for the months of January through April 2005 compared to the 66,591 visitors who entered Belize for the same during the same months last year.

This figure represents a 10.7% increase over the same period in 2004.  Furthermore, the cruise sector welcomed 199 ships to Belize’s port during this period, accounting for 387,570 passengers, and a 12.5% increase over the same period last year.

“The positive growth trend we have seen for this First Quarter encourages both private and public sectors to extend even greater efforts expanding our tourism industry,” comments Tourism Director, Tracy Panton.

“These increases represent greater economic opportunities for local entrepreneurs, who we continue to encourage to become active stakeholders in the growing industry.”