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Not Afraid Website Snowed Under

A website which was set up in the wake of the London attacks to show support for those affected by the attacks and give Londoners a voice has been overwhelmed with messages from all over the world and is now being upgraded to cope with the traffic. was set up by London web designer Alfie Dennen and Mat Brown to show the world that London is not afraid and that the world is a better place without fear.

On Monday alone the website received 4 million hits and was inundated with messages and pictures.

The website features thousands of images of people and many from around the world holding up signs reading “We are not afraid”. Messages of support have also been posted and payments can be made directly via the website to the London Bomb Relief Fund

In a recent interview, Mr Dennan said the site had become a symbol for people to show solidarity with London and say they will not react to the bombings by fear.

“I set up the website to give people a voice online, to show their distaste for this tragedy, and have received a huge response - I’ve been amazed.”