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Emily Continues to Pick up Speed

Tropical Storm Emily is still on track to pass over the north Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. She continues travelling westward with a forward motion that the Miami Hurricane Centre indicates has increased slightly in the last six hours. The National Hurricane Centre has also adjusted its forecast track shifting it about 30 miles southward.At 5:00 am the centre of the tropical storm was estimated to be near
11.4 north and 48.6 west or about 637 miles east of Barbados. The
system is travelling toward the west at 15 mph. Tropical storm force winds extend up to 35 miles outward from the centre.

The revised forecast track by the National Hurricane Centre in Miami
now estimates that Emily will cross the northern Leeward Islands just
after midnight tomorrow as a strong Category One Hurricane, somewhere between Dominica and Martinique. Sustained winds are expected then to be just over 80 mph with gusts up to 100 mph.

On its present course, speed, and intensity the centre of Emily is
expected to pass 42 nautical miles north of Barbados late tomorrow
night, 15 miles north of Fort-de-France, and 30 miles south of Dominica early Thursday morning.