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Tiscover Wins Largest Contract in its History

Tiscover was entrusted with the task to power the new Italian super portal Tiscover will now set about developing the national tourism platform in a cooperation with IBM and ITS (Information Technology Services S.p.A.) on behalf of the Italian government.
Tiscover is responsible for the tourism-related applications and the Destination Management System technology. All offers will be bookable online in eight languages - Japanese and Chinese among them. The launch of is scheduled in a few months.

“One of the reasons Tiscover scored successfully compared to the others is the fact that we have been running the portal since 2003, and through this we have been effectively marketing customers such as the region of Trentino, the South-Tirolean hiking hotels and the cities of Turin and Padua”, says Konrad Plankensteiner , Executive Director of Tiscover AG , and adds ‘It is a great challenge and opportunity for Tiscover to develop the national Italian tourism portal!”

The project is all the more important as it will emphasise the significance of online tourism in Italy. As tourism alone generates about 12% of the Italian GDP, it is one of the country’s major economic drivers. With 38.9 million international arrivals in 2004 (source: CISET), Italy is Europe’s third most popular holiday destination after France and Spain.