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BTN Update on London Bombings

Police have confirmed that at least 50 people are dead and more bodies are still to be recovered from the London Underground, with an additional 700 injured, as a result of yesterday’s atrocities which shook London. The Queen and Prince Charles are visiting casualties today, while Tony Blair has flown back to Gleneagles to attend the last day of the G8 summit.

Home Secretary Charles Clarke said a claim on the website of a previously unknown group, the Secret Organisation Group of al-Qaeda of Jihad Organisation in Europe, saying it was behind the blast, was being taken seriously.

Mr Clarke added that the death toll is expected to rise. Police are likely to release more details about casualties later.

Meanwhile a large scale intelligence investigation is under way to find those responsible for the bomb attacks as police vow to find the perpertators.

Transport services in London are reported to be near-normal. Many tube lines are running, but with limited services and the Hammersmith and City and Circle lines remain shut.


Buses are running and all mainline rail stations are open, although King’s Cross services are limited.

Roads and trains are quieter than usual and security alerts mean roads and stations are continually closing and reopening across the city.

An emergency hotline has been set up in the aftermath of the bombings: 0870 1566 344