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Couples Resort to Further Enhance Product

In 2004, 96 new rooms opened at Couples Swept Away and now Phase II is underway with four more buildings that will create an additional 48 Verandah Suites by the end of this year. Also underway is the construction of a new “Great House,” planned for completion by Valentine’s Day 2006. 
“People have really taken notice of Couples Resorts and realized that we are not like other all-inclusives. We offer an upscale, refined alternative and as a result we have seen significant growth in demand over the last few years. In order to meet this growing demand we will provide not only additional rooms but also new areas for day time and evening activities so that our facilities remain un-crowded,” commented Randy Russell, chief romance officer and senior vice president of sales and marketing.

“Guests often remark on how the resorts never seem congested and overcrowded and they don’t have to fight for a spot in the restaurants or on the beach - even when we’re at 100% capacity. These additions will maintain this key element, which is one of the many things that set us apart in the market.”

The new rooms will take the total number of rooms at all three Couples
Resorts from 676 to 752 rooms.

“So we’re still relatively small compared to some of the bigger chains, many of which have that many rooms in just one hotel, let alone the whole brand. That’s not what we’re looking to be - our appeal is our intimate, boutique style which enables us to deliver on our promise of personal attention and our mission to create emotional connections with guests and staff,” Russell said.