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Continental Continues to Offer Full Service Product

As passenger traffic increases
during an already-busy summer travel season, Continental Airlines continues to be the only major U.S. carrier to offer a full array of
complimentary amenities to customers traveling in economy on domestic flights
including meals, entertainment, non-alcoholic beverages, pillows, blankets,
magazines and curbside check-in.“In an environment where our competitors continue to cut or charge for
economy-class amenities, we have chosen to preserve our product by keeping the
services we know our customers value,” said Jim Compton, Continental’s
Executive vice president of Marketing.  “We continue to focus on providing the
best service in the industry and offering a superior product to our customers
is clearly a big part of that.”
  Meals and snacks are served at mealtimes in economy class on flights over
two hours in length.  Examples of meals offered in coach on Continental’s
domestic flights include the following:

    *  Cereal basket with milk, banana and muffin, and coffee, juice or tea
    *  Tray with hot breakfast egg sandwich on croissant or biscuit, fruit
      appetizer and yogurt

    *  Sandwich with fresh snack (apple or carrots) and candy

      *  Sandwich options include smoked turkey, turkey and cheese, oven
      roasted turkey, baked ham and cheese, tuna salad and roast beef.

    *  Hot sandwich or personal cheese pizza, salad cup (pasta or potato
      salad), packaged chips and Pepperidge Farm cookies


    *  Hot sandwich options include barbeque chicken on a Kaiser roll,
      charbroiled hamburger, breaded chicken on a Kaiser roll, spinach
      cheese stromboli, turkey club and chopped steak and Swiss cheese.

  On many of Continental’s domestic flights, free inflight audio and visual
entertainment is included.  Feature films currently offered on Continental’s
domestic flights include: Be Cool, Hitch, Robots, Sideways, The Wedding Date,
A Guy Thing and 13 Going on 30.  Movies change monthly.  July’s offerings
include: Fever Pitch, In Good Company, Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality
2: Armed and Fabulous, and Beauty Shop.
  For video-equipped flights under 90 minutes in duration, Continental
offers the acclaimed ContinentalVision, with a variety of programming
including sitcoms, news, music videos and travel features.
  Up to 20 audio channels featuring a variety of music and talk-radio
options are available on audio-equipped domestic flights.  Customers are
offered a selection encompassing everything from opera to oldies to hip-hop.
  In addition to Continental’s acclaimed inflight magazine, Continental, a
monthly publication featuring the latest business and travel trends, the
carrier offers a number of well-known, national publications on its flights.
A sampling of magazines found on Continental’s recent domestic flights
include: Conde Nast Traveler, The Economist, Elle, Entrepreneur, Food and
Wine, Golf Digest, GQ, Newsweek, Time, and Travel & Leisure.
  Pillows and blankets are stocked on all domestic and international flights
at no added cost to ensure customer comfort.
  The carrier continues to offer curbside check-in to all customers at no
charge, whereas some competitors have begun charging per bag.