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Electrobug Offers “Light” Versions of Rate Check for Small Independents

In an effort to enable smaller hotels to get access to rate intelligence on themselves and competitors, Electrobug Technologies has created two additional version of Rate Check for small independent hotels. These versions offer the core functionality of a rate monitoring tool at discounted rates.
“While rate intelligence tools like ours have been extremely popular with large city hotels, we think smaller regional hotels have a similar need, and have been held back by high price tags and complex user interfaces” says Mark Heynen, Managing Director of Electrobug. “Anyone who distributes inventory online and on the GDS needs to know what rates are being displayed to the buyer. But some people only need a snapshot once a week, and some only look at the next three months, and that is where our light versions come in.”

In addition to its market leading ProPlus solution, currently in use at a number of large chains and city hotels around the world, Electrobug has launched Pro and Basic versions. The main difference between these versions is that Basic runs off of a weekly update of rates, and ProPlus runs real-time searches for up to 90 days out. They also come with discounts of up to 40% off the standard Electrobug price, and up to 70% off of competitor products. The company said full details of the different versions can be found on

The company said the main rationale behind the launch is the large proportion of independent hotels in Europe, as opposed to large proportion of chain hotels in the US. “European hospitality thrives on dynamic independent hotels, and we wanted to create a suitable product for them.” says Mark.

Electrobug is the only rate intelligence product on the market that allows both instantaneous ad hoc requests for realtime rates, and provides a copy of the actual page on which the rate was published. This has proven to be incredible popular with hotels, as it allows them to see their and their competitors full rate structure, along with other rates and room types, surcharges, and breakfast and tax details. Electrobug also offers a 30 day money-back guarantee on its products, making the signup process virtually risk free. This complements Electrobug’s Rate Change, Rate Parity Control, and Group product.

“Caesar conquered Gaul by dividing it into three parts. By dividing Rate Check into three parts, we plan to be just as effective, although hopefully not meet his gruesome fate.” concluded Mark.