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Adprecision Supports Search Engine Marketing

According to Phocuswright, the European online travel market is set to expand by around 50% next year, making search engine advertising even more critical to travel marketing than it is today.
“Search engines are playing a part in some 70% of online travel bookings” says Justin Morshead, Chairman of Adprecision, “this is set to increase as the market grows and consumers book more and more complex product online - they’ll use search even more to guide their buying”.

Adprecision is sponsoring the Travel Technology Initiative (TTI) summer forum on 8th June in London at the Eyefortravel show to help technology professionals understand how they can assist travel companies to advertise successfully on search engines, extracting the maximum benefit from them.

Alasdair Cross, commercial director at Adprecision, states, “Most online advertisers hold a massive amount of inventory, but can only expose a fraction of this on the search engines.” He continues “At the TTI forum, we’ll show some ways of giving travel inventory the best chance on Google and Yahoo”.