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Dauair is Latest UATP Merchant

New German regional airline, Dauair,
joins the UATP network as the latest merchant effective 6 May 2005. Dauair
now accepts all UATP cards which are used to purchase more tickets in the
German market than all other forms of payment accumulated.“Dauair consists mainly of corporate travelers; our focus is to meet the
corporate traveler needs by offering reasonable prices, comfortable
flights and by utilizing major airports to save travelers time and money
versus budget airlines that tend to land outside of city limits,” said
Founder Hans-Jorg Dau. “UATP will enable Dauair to further meet corporate
demands by keeping our distribution costs down through lower merchant
service fees and no foreign exchange fees.”

Founded in early 2005, Dauair operates on the “Low Cost Regional” concept,
filling the gap between the “classic” low fare airlines and traditional
airlines via capacity of the aircraft and fares. Dauair’s main
distribution tool is the online booking engine and is a ticket less
carrier; however, traditional methodology may also be used by booking
through travel agencies or through the Dauair call center.

“Dauair is concentrating on corporate travelers needs, lowering credit
card costs and eliminating foreign exchange fees, in addition to
concentrating on ease of services,” said Ralph Kaiser, CEO and president,
UATP. “By becoming a UATP Merchant, Dauair joins the rest of Germany by
accepting the leader in form of payment for tickets for corporate travel.”
AirPlus International, UATP’s largest account Issuer, is the leading form
of payment for business travel in Germany.

Dauair offers flights from Dortmund to Berlin-Tempelhof and Poznan,
Poland. Throughout 2005 the schedule and fleet will continue to grow with
additional cities being added based on corporate needs and a planned
expansion to three Saab 340 B planes.