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Entertainment on Pacific Blue

Virgin Blue’s international airline Pacific Blue is to launch an improved inflight entertainment experience on its flights from Friday 27 May.
The DigEplayer’s 7” screens are designed to sit on the fold down tray table offering Guests a completely self contained, on-demand entertainment system. The pre-programmed selection offers movies, children’s favourites, recent TV shows and music videos. The entertainment system will be rolled out on selected services starting Friday, available on every flight from 13 June for the small rental fee of A$12.00.

Pacific Blue CEO, Tony Marks, said “We are very excited to see this unique system on our flights and to provide our Guests with more options to enhance their flying experience. Our research shows the take-up will be great and the enthusiasm of the crew is contagious. We look forward to rolling out DigEplayer? across the entire fleet before the end of next month.”

The DigEplayer? offers state of the art technology and was developed by APS of Tacoma, Washington.