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ComfortPillow in All Tokyu Hotels

Guests of all Tokyu
in Japan will now be sleeping more comfortably on Tempur
ComfortPillows as the hotel begins an unprecedented project of upgrading
all pillows at the same time. Tempur Japan and Tokyu Hotel Management
Co.,Ltd. (Shibuya, Tokyo) are extending an initiative to give hotel guests
a good night’s sleep by providing Tempur ComfortPillows in a total 13,733
rooms in the 54 Tokyu hotels. In December 2003, Tokyu Hotel Management Co. began offering Tempur
ComfortPillows in all standard-type Tokyu Inn guest rooms. The program
received rave reviews, and a recent survey of Tokyu Inn guests resulted in
ComfortPillows being offered in all Tokyu Hotels. According to the survey,
many guests expressed satisfaction with the ComfortPillow and cited that
they slept well and felt no fatigue.

“We feel strongly that good sleep is essential to our well-being,” says
Pele Siljedahl, managing director, Tempur Japan. “We are excited that
Tokyu Hotels is going to offer its guests the luxury of the ComfortPillow
and the luxury of good sleep while away from home.”

The Tempur ComfortPillow is a traditionally-shaped pillow made of the
proprietary TEMPUR(R) pressure-relieving material. The TEMPUR Comfort
Technology(TM) (TCT) supports your head and neck in every sleep position,
and it reduces pressure that can restrict blood flow, cause pain and
disrupt sleep.