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New Airline Technology Unveiled by Accovia

Accovia Offers Blocked Space Allotments on Scheduled and Charter Flights

Accovia has announced the immediate availability of block allotment module (BAM) technology.  Accovia’s BAM allows travel service providers to own, manage and sell allotted inventories on both scheduled airlines and charter flights.  Travel service providers can now ensure availability with selected suppliers and control inventories and prices to maximize revenue potential.

Through secured agreements with the airline, travel service providers can block a specific number of seats per carrier for a specified range of dates, seasons, class of service and more, thereby increasing revenue potential.  With BAM, travel service providers who own blocked space on scheduled and charter airlines can open, close and limit inventories as required.

“The potential for increased revenue and flexibility offered by Accovia’s BAM technology provides a clear advantage for clients in today’s competitive environment,” said Paul Robillard, vice president of sales and marketing at Accovia.  “Through Web Services, we provide our clients with a single point of contact that reaches different procurement sources seamlessly.  Accovia handles the complexity so clients can focus on their customer demands for choice and superior service.”

BAM takes advantage of proprietary technology already offered with Accovia’s Air Solution.  Inventories are defined, stored and managed locally in BAM with corresponding fares stored in Accovia’s fare management tool.  With its own faring and booking capability, BAM can host blocked inventories and generate data and reports for the travel service provider.  BAM can be purchased as a standalone module for inventory procurement and management or as an additional channel for the Air Solution, representing one of multiple procurement sources used to display a variety of itineraries and prices.


Travel service providers can maximize selling opportunities and revenue potential by offering their customers as much flexibility and variety as possible.  Through Accovia Web Services, the travel service provider enjoys a single point of contact to access numerous procurement sources which can include BAM, traditional GDSs, Navitaire’s DirectNet, ITA Software, and other GDS New Entrants (GNEs).  Further, the search results broadcast from these varied sources can be prioritized and displayed according to seller preferences then booked in BAM, a GDS, or a GNE depending on the procurement source selected for a specific inventory type or supplier.