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Mobile Call Costs for UK Holidaymakers Slashed by 85%

From today holidaymakers can potentially save up to £1.80 per minute on their mobile phone charges while abroad on holiday following the launch of a cut-price service from SIM4travel, ending years of over-priced international roaming charges and expensive hotel phone charges endured by travellers.
For the 20 million Brits who take foreign holidays each year and collectively use 1.6 billion minutes on their phones while away, this potentially represents £3bn that could be spent elsewhere. In some cases, holiday makers can save the cost of the holiday itself, or the ski pass or the flight or whatever.
SIM4travel’s easy to use pay-as-you-go (PAYG) SIM card and accompanying number is used in place of a regular SIM while travelling. It allows users to receive calls for free in more than 60 countries, make local calls at local rates, and call and text the UK and other countries for considerably less.  This is being sold through travel agents and online at
The tariff calculator at outlines the savings that can made by all types of mobile users who are currently paying on average between £0.30 - £1.49 to receive calls whilst away, and up to £1.49 per minute to make calls to the UK with domestic carriers.
NB: Savings correct as at 12 April 2005 - complete price breakdown in notes to editors.
Co-founder of SIM4travel, Suk Grewal, says: “SIM4travel’s purpose is simple. It prevents people from being ripped off when they jet off.”
“SIM4travel was developed in response to the current view that using mobiles abroad is seen as expensive, confusing and frustrating.
“Whether someone is a regular traveller, or spur of the moment holiday booker, our service means significant savings and brings an end to the shock of huge post holiday bills,” said Mr Grewal.

SIM4travel works in 110 countries around the world, and includes a global 24hr top-up facility from your phone or on the web. SIM4travel’s customer service centre also allows customers to call a UK number for help from abroad.
Suk Grewal adds: “We couldn’t believe how expensive and difficult it was for people to stay in touch while abroad, and our new service takes the hassle and cost out of staying in touch while away that ultimately makes your holiday even more enjoyable.”