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Revenue Growth for Executive Jet

Executive Jet Management, a leading provider of aircraft management and charter services worldwide, reported its revenue from its charter business rose by 35 percent last year compared to 2003, while also experiencing a 35 percent increase in charter hours flown.

The Executive Jet Management fleet of more than 100 aircraft flew 28,451 flights last year, 2,150 of them international. Executive Jet Management is a premier provider of business aviation services including on-demand charter and aircraft management as well as aviation support services that range from maintenance and flight operations to training.

EJM enjoyed a 36 percent increase in charter revenue growth compared to 2002, and Executive Jet Management President and CEO Albert C. Pod projected this year’s charter revenue will be a 26 percent greater than 2004’s.

Pod attributes the growth to several factors, including Executive Jet Management opening a new Charter Services office at the San Jose Center at the San Jose International Airport to serve the western region. “In 2003 we opened a similar office at Teterboro Airport in Teterboro, NJ,” Pod said. “Both offices are now flourishing and have been extremely successful in boosting our business. Our customers appreciate the fact that we have a local presence on both coasts.

“Our charter customers have a comfort factor knowing that we are national rather than a city- or region-based firm. It is meaningful to them that we have representation and aircraft in virtually every key area of the country. Charter clients are looking for stable business partners. Being a Berkshire Hathaway company has meant a great deal to us. Berkshire Hathaway ownership has certainly helped our credibility and allowed us to invest in the business.”