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Dive into Cayman with Brac Reef Beach Resort

If you can’t decide which Caribbean island you’d like to dive, try two. Brac Reef Beach Resort is the only Cayman resort to dive two islands in one holiday. Brac Reef and its on-site dive shop, Reef Divers II, offer guests a choice of 120 dive sites dotting the Caribbean Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. World-renowned Bloody Bay Wall, the Russian Frigate wreck dive “MV Capt. Keith Tibbetts” and numerous little-known pristine dive sites of Cayman Brac await, in addition to valet dive service.

“With the Dive Two Islands package, by 3:30 someone who is an avid diver could have done 3 dives,” said Trudy Viers, resident manager.

“The fourth dive is typically a hammock dive.”

August 1 through September 30, Brac Reef Beach Resort is offering the all-inclusive 7-night Dive Two Islands package including: two morning boat dives per day, two trips to Bloody Bay Wall, breakfast and dinner each day, complimentary use of bicycles and kayaks, tennis, round trip transfers, tax and service charges.

The rate is US$1199 per person for divers and $999 per person for non-divers, based on double occupancy. Single, triple and quad rates available upon request. Rates are subject to change without notice. visit


Reef Divers II at Brac Reef Beach Resort is a team of international dive professionals known for their outstanding experience, expertise in diving and awarding-winning Rodale’s Scuba Diving records.

The staff delivers impeccable service that includes signature “valet diving.” Divers put their dive gear bags outside their room on the first day, and from there it is set up on the boat where it is ready for the week. Each night the gear is thoroughly rinsed for the guest’s convenience.

“Reef Divers II offers PADI, NAUI and SSI training for all levels of diving,” said Jason Belport, Reef Divers II Assistant Manager and US Coast Guard captain.

“One of our most popular courses is Nitrox.”

Other diving highlights at Brac Reef Beach Resort and Reef Divers II include: three boat dives per day, two night dives weekly, unlimited use of tanks for shore dives (with a buddy), the only full Nitrox station on the island and 80 degree water with unlimited visibility.

“There is a tremendous diversity of life in the Sister Islands. The South Side Walls have sheer faces that provide deep swim-throughs, while their shallow reef counterparts are made mostly of boulder coral and elkhorn reefs. In contrast, the North Wall is a slightly more colourful wall system providing more tube sponges and overall colour,” said Belport.

“In amongst those areas there are a variety of animals including: eagle rays, sting rays, turtles, angelfish, spiny lobsters, anemones, spotted drums, morays and sharks. Futhermore, the wreck of the Cpt. Keith Tibbetts, located on the North Side of the Brac, is more colourful than it ever has been with lots of yellow tube sponges from bow to stern.”

With Cayman Brac and Little Cayman roughly five miles apart, about 30-45 minutes by boat, Reef Divers gets guests in the water quickly with three custom-built 46-foot and one 42-foot Newton dive boats. Reef Divers II covers all 26 miles of the Sister Islands, diving the best sites in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Cayman Brac is a pristine island just 12 miles long with a rocky interior swooping to a 140 foot limestone bluff on the eastern end, a delight to rock climbers and naturalists alike. Home to the endangered Brac Parrot (and not a single traffic light), it is a stop over for almost 200 migrating birds.

There are about 200 caves tucked into the landscape for curious visitors of all abilities to explore, which locals take shelter in during hurricanes, even during the most recent, Hurricane Ivan.

Brac Reef Beach Resort is a charming, family-owned getaway located on four and a half acres of milky white beachfront. It is only a 30-45 minute boat ride away from Rodale’s 2005 Readers’ Choice Awards for the Caribbean’s: #1 Top Wall Diving, #1 Healthiest Marine Environment, #3 Best Destination for Underwater Photography and #2 Best Destination for Advanced Diving.

While diving is a specialty, Brac Reef caters to divers and non-divers alike, welcoming families, small conferences, wedding and honeymoon guests. The award-winning on-site dive shop, Reef Divers II, and the award-winning Jamaican chefs illustrate Brac Reef’s commitment to excellence. The resort offers visitors the only opportunities on the island to pamper themselves at Tropical Touch Day Spa, to log on through Cyber Beach internet access and to work out at Island Shapes Fitness Center.

Guests can also indulge in an outdoor massage under the shade of Brac Reef’s two-story pier or lounge in a hammock hut along the beach. Snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, tennis, beach volleyball, hiking and biking are also options.

The Tibbetts family, one of the original families who settled the island in the 1830s, owns Brac Reef Beach Resort. Born and raised on the island, Linton Tibbetts, or “Mr. T,” opened Brac Reef in the early 1980s to help stimulate the island’s economy. “Dad just has a heart for the islands, and I think he’s instilled in all of us a passion for this place and our heritage,” said Mary Brandes, Mr.T’s daughter and managing director of Brac Reef.

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