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Le Meridien Endorses TravelCLICK’s FuturePACE Report

Jan Tissera, President of TravelCLICK International, announced today that Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts has endorsed TravelCLICK’s new FuturePACE report for its hotels. FuturePACE is TravelCLICK’s latest addition to its leading competitive intelligence reports for the hospitality industry.“After reviewing FuturePACE, we highly recommend that our hotels take advantage of this never-before-available reporting tool,” said Dean Gregory, Vice President of Distribution for Le Meridien. “With FuturePACE, Le Meridien hotels will benefit from detailed future booking data on the GDS channel. Concise reports will clearly identify booking trends, allowing our hotels to analyze their future performance in comparison with their local competitive sets.”

FuturePACE is the only reporting tool that shows a hotel’s future booking levels compared to its local competition. Weekly reports highlight opportunities for hoteliers to increase market share and revenues. FuturePACE data is essential to hoteliers in making competitive pricing, availability and marketing decisions for the GDS channel. With FuturePACE, hoteliers can effectively see their position in the market in enough time to change the future.

“FuturePACE will provide Le Meridien hotels with powerful information that can be incorporated into their revenue management strategies, said Tissera. “No other reporting tool captures the realm of future booking data presented in FuturePACE’s reports.”

Hotelligence FuturePACE is available as a supplement to the Hotelligence report and is scheduled for release in April 2005.