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SITA Expands into Africa

Africa Online has added its name to SITA’s list of managed Internet Service Providers (ISPs).  The deal with Africa Online brings managed Internet access to nine
African countries,  including Cote d’Ivoire,  Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania and
Zimbabwe -  keeping SITA SC on track with its target of an ISP presence in
150 countries by 2006.

“Airlines are deploying low-cost Internet access to remote offices to drive
down their costs,”  said Brijdeep Sahi, Vice President of Marketing, SITA
SC.  “Through SITA SC’s Internet Solutions,  customers can leverage our
buying power and benefit from managed and secure end-to-end solutions. The
partnership with Africa Online is another step forward in enhancing our ISP

“By partnering with Africa Online,  SITA SC is not only adding to its
portfolio of local ISPs,  it is also opening a gateway for customers to
managed Internet access in a region of the world which has traditionally
been under-served by IT and telecommunications,” said Lesley Davey, CEO of
Africa Online.