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Netmanage Introduces Onweb Mobile

NetManage today announced the introduction of OnWeb Mobile, a new product within the OnWeb product family - an advanced composite application platform.  OnWeb Mobile enables remote employees’ connectivity to existing mission-critical applications, providing real-time decision making capabilities that boost customer responsiveness, employee productivity and operational savings.

“With the dramatic increase in device sales and usage, mobile professionals are now requiring connectivity to backend applications in real time,” said Jason Bloomberg, senior analyst, ZapThink LLC. “With the release of OnWeb Mobile, NetManage offers an end-to-end, scalable mobile middleware solution that brings the power of composite applications and Web services to the full range of mobile devices available today.”

The growth of mobile networks, including laptops, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs), personal terminals, and embedded systems, requires versatile and flexible middleware application connectivity software to allow employees access to network resources while in remote field operations.  The scalable presentation of OnWeb Mobile to any mobile device delivers the multi-channel and multi-modal solutions necessary in today’s distributed work environment, while also adding process management and business logic to application connectivity.

“As we move into the future, leveraging mobile devices to access existing corporate applications and databases, and rapidly delivering information to our employees, partners and customers will contribute to Yamaha’s ongoing success,” said Nick Batchelor, divisional manager, Computer Services of Yamaha Motor. “Our company would consider evaluating any new solutions that NetManage develops to support our growing interest in mobile devices.”

“NetManage is the only company with built-in connectivity to a wide range of legacy and contemporary enterprise applications, that combined with OnWeb Mobile, supports the demand for an online, real-time view of corporate data from an increasingly distributed and mobile workforce,” said Zvi Alon, president, chairman and CEO at NetManage, Inc. “NetManage continues to be the leading provider of a host and application integration solution that supports access to a multitude of corporate applications and a number of mobile device types.”


OnWeb Mobile requires no change to existing enterprise systems and supports AS/400, mainframe, packaged applications as well as working with .NET and J2EE applications.  OnWeb Mobile’s seamless operation with existing architectures allows fast implementation and delivers a quick return on investment.