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Scandinavian to Launch New Business Class Seats

Beginning next year, passengers travelling with Scandinavian Airlines should be able to sleep better during flights to the US and Asia. Scandinavian Airlines is launching its next generation airline seats on March 17-19, at the yearly travel exhibition in Scandinavia. The modern design and functionality makes the airline seat comparable to, and works like, a proper bed. The new seats will be installed in the airlines business class in the beginning of 2006.
“According to our customer surveys, many of our passengers request greater privacy accompanied with more comfort,” said Lars Lindgren, Head of Scandinavian Airlines International. “The new seats are a way of increasing the convenience for our passengers on board. The seats are both appealing and comfortable according to the studies we have made, and that is very satisfactory.”

The new seat permits better comfort and a more private space than traditional seats. The total space for every passenger will increase and when the seat is folded out into sleeping position it will not interfere with passengers in the row behind.

Besides the possibility for comfortable sleep in the seat, there are many exclusive features. The viewing screen, which is fixed in the seat in front, is extra large and includes a video with on demand-functionalities. This means that the passengers themselves can choose when to and how to use the entertainment supplied. Also, there is a clever storage built-in the seats for lap-tops and other things.