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ScotAirways Becomes UATP Merchant

Responding to demand by
corporate business travelers to accept UATP as a low-cost form of payment,
ScotAirways is the most recent airline to join UATP’s growing Merchant
base, effective 11 March 2005. ScotAirways now accepts all UATP cards,
issued by 15 airlines and accepted by more than 200 airlines worldwide. “We listened to the demands of the marketplace,” said Commercial Manager,
Jerry Froggett. “Being a UATP Merchant provides ScotAirways the necessary
tools to be competitive in the corporate travel sector, as well as
lowering our distribution costs through low merchant service fees.”

Recently distinguished as the “the most punctual London to Edinburgh
Airline” by independent website, ScotAirways
optimizes its service to corporate customers by offering high frequency
schedules and superior customer service.

ScotAirways will also utilize UATP Settlement Services (USS), a low-cost,
weekly settlement system that matches fees and air tickets electronically,
allowing for easy reconciliation of accounts for non-clearing house

“Customer demand is one of the leading factors in UATP’s continued growth
worldwide,” said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO UATP. “Airlines like
ScotAirways are responding to their corporate client’s desire to lower
credit card costs and eliminate foreign exchange fees. With UATP, airlines
and businesses both lower their costs.”