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Hyatt Hotels & Resorts Implements Passkey Grouplink

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts is the first major hotel chain to fully implement Passkey GroupLink, which will electronically deliver all Hyatt group reservations for citywide and single property events near real-time into the individual properties’ PMS system. With the implementation of GroupLink, Hyatt continues on its strategy to provide its meeting planner community leading edge solutions for efficiently managing meetings at its properties. In this case, Hyatt’s now fully automated group reservation process will deliver numerous competitive advantages, including the ability to keep events open through the day of arrival, and allowing for complete yield and inventory management from one data source.

“Hyatt offered us Passkey for our meetings and we were thrilled,” said Lisa Walker, Convention Director, National Association of Biology Teachers. “Before Passkey we were doing it the old fashioned way where attendees called the hotel directly inevitably creating a lot of confusion between all parties. Now, we are able to customize an event reservation website, manage our room blocks efficiently, run reports anytime we want, and eliminate book-arounds and attrition exposure.”

“Passkey has been a true partner by listening to our needs and our clients’ needs,” explained Bruce Small, Director of Sales Information Systems. “Together we were able to integrate our systems seamlessly, using the industry standards such as OTA guidelines, and truly evolve the automation of managing group reservations.”

Since Hyatt’s automated group reservation strategy was implemented last year with Passkey, more than 50% of their group reservations, at participating Hyatt’s, are booked online through Passkey, either through Passkey Room List Manager or individuals booking online at custom event websites. With Passkey GroupLink all group reservations, including new, modifications, and cancellations are now going directly into RESERVE, Hyatt’s CRS system, which then automatically passes the data electronically to the Hyatt properties’ PMS systems. Passkey GroupLink can also send all reservations, including uploaded rooming lists, from multiple groups to multiple hotels simultaneously in a single transaction, including the various billing methods applicable for each event. Furthermore, Passkey Grouplink is allowing Hyatt to establish unique business rules on an event by event basis, such as stepped cancellation management, accepting post cut-off reservations, managing sub- blocks and upselling room types when appropriate.

“We understood what Hyatt was trying to achieve with our group technology - exceptional meeting planner satisfaction with Hyatt,” explained Greg Pesik, President & CEO, Passkey International Inc. “Naturally, Hyatt was a perfect partner to integrate with via GroupLink to showcase how meetings can be managed in a way that creates a win-win between the hotel and a meeting planner.”


Hyatt can now offer meeting planners the option of keeping Passkey-enabled events open up until arrival date, to allow them to capture the maximum attendance for their event, and get full credit for all room nights generated by the event. Meeting planners will have faster, more reliable information about their actual group pickup by viewing up-to-date custom event reports online, gaining more control over their room blocks, and will not need to worry about errors in their attendees’ information.