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GHOTW Enhances Centralised Website Booking Facilities

Great Hotels Organisation (GHO) is launching the new centralised website for its Great Hotels of the World and Special Hotels of the World brands. The new site, still accessible via the current
URL’s, has been designed to guarantee that hotels can be easily found by consumers unsure on exact location details.
The new site utilises GHO’s improved search technology and also allows visitors to search for the same hotel using multiple location options, making the process more intuitive for consumers. This much improved search-and-sort functionality will ensure that the new website continues to attract more traffic and, ultimately, more bookings, than any other site in its competitor set.

Historically, hotel internet sites have relied upon one location detail, provided through the GDS, however GHO have gone one step further making sure that hotels have the optimum chance of being located by a variety of search techniques.

Visitors will also be able to search for hotels by destination (both broadly and exactly), activity and lifestyle, with results then being further sorted by other criteria, such as price. In response to the results of an extensive user survey, hotel activities, facilities and rates are highlighted at the earliest search stage. “There is more immediacy with this new facility, which gives visitors the information they want with ease and speed”, said Director of Operations, Joanna Fay. “Other features, such as comprehensive hotel photo tours, are also given prominence in the new streamlined design”.

Fay concludes: “We wanted to make sure that our new site stood apart from others in our competitor set, an obvious requirement was to introduce intuitive location mapping which steps away from the traditional use of one location taken from the GDS’s”.