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Julia Hendry encouraged by ‘growing number of visitors to the Caribbean’

Research by the Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) shows that tourist arrivals in the Caribbean rose 7% in 2004 reaching 21.6 million, despite the weather conditions of last September. This includes a 16% increase of UK visitors to Aruba and a 22% increase to Jamaica. During this period, the region also saw a 13% increase in cruise ship passengers worldwide reaching 20.5 million.

Julia Hendry, director of marketing for the CTO in the UK and Europe said: “In the wake of similarly rapid growth in 2003, this performance provides clear testimony to a robust return to growth for our tourism industry after the worldwide downturn in tourist travel which followed the 9/11 attacks in the US.

We are greatly encouraged by the growing number of visitors to the Caribbean, and an increasing number are families. With safe beaches, such a variety of things to do and friendly locals, it’s perfect for children of all ages.”