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Maurice Flanagan addresses Wings Club

Maurice Flanagan, Emirates’ Vice Chairman and Group President recently
addressed an audience of more than 160 U.S. aviation leaders attending a
monthly Wings Club meeting in New York City.Mr. Flanagan shared his outlook
for the industry for this year and the next, as well as an overview of
Emirates’ operations and an analysis of the causes behind the airline’s
rapid growth and successful financial performance. He stated that while
demand is growing strongly again, especially in the Far East, and several
airlines now are operating profitably, challenging times still lie ahead for
many of them. Mr Flanagan also announced that Emirates will take delivery of
the first of 30 Boeing 777-300ERs before the end of March, with the
remaining ones arriving at the average rate of one per month thereafter.
After October of next year, those deliveries will overlap with the arrival
of 45 Airbus A380s ordered by Emirates, which are planned to enter service
also at an average rate of one per month.