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Extend the relaxing spa experience by avoiding the stress of road and rail

Don’t spoil your relaxing spa trip with a stressful journey home; travel by
helicopter and extend your pampering experience - that’s the message from
the UK’s largest helicopter charter and management company, PremiAir. By
eliminating a potentially tense road or rail journey home, spa visitors may
stay more relaxed for longer after their treatments are over, according to
the company. They will also increase the range of hotel and spa destinations
available to them, as a helicopter trip can take them all around the UK and
even parts of Europe in a fraction of the time.“The beauty of helicopter travel is its speed and flexibility,” explains
David McRobert, Managing Director at PremiAir. “They can literally take you
from point to point, as there’s no requirement to land on an airport runway
as jets do. Chartering a helicopter is generally less expensive than a jet,
and it may be landed in any suitable location - such as the grounds of a
hotel or spa.”

“It may seem glamorous but the reality is that helicopter travel saves the
traveller a substantial amount of time and hassle,” continues McRobert. “Why
spend good money on a relaxing and luxurious spa trip, only to jump in the
car or on a train home and ruin it all before you have even reached home?
The roads are becoming ever more grid-locked, the rail network isn’t always
as reliable as we would like it to be, and aeroplane travel requires too
much contingency time for check-in as well as travelling to and from an
airport. So, it’s not surprising that so many people are taking to the air
by helicopter. It is far more time efficient, much less stressful and is not
always as expensive as you might imagine, especially if a group are sharing
costs for that special day out.”

While travelling by helicopter is safer than by road or rail, it is also
important to remember that not all charter helicopter services are the same.
PremiAir advises travellers to be mindful not to compromise on quality or
safety when shopping around for the most cost-effective service. To that
end, here is a check list of things to consider when chartering a helicopter

á      Pilot hours and training - good organisations, will employ
helicopter pilots that, like PremiAir’s have literally thousands of hours
flying experience behind them and are continuously subjected to the most
stringent re-training programmes. So, make sure you ask those questions.


á      Helicopter equipment - is their fleet equipped with airline
standard instrumentation that will enable them to fly in all weather
conditions, as well as at night.  A twin turbine helicopter capable of
flying under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) is the norm for a business
helicopter operating in the UK.

á      Aircraft maintenance - who does it and are they a high quality
organisation. PremiAir’s fleet, for example, is maintained in house by its
own world-class engineering team.

á      Pedigree - how long has the charter organisation been operating.

á      Recommendation - there’s nothing more powerful than a glowing
recommendation from a company’s other customers. PremiAir happens to be one
of the largest police providers in the UK, and for most of its customers,
that is a very satisfying confirmation of quality.

For further information call 01895 830900 (24 hours) or visit

About PremiAir

PremiAir offers the largest and most comprehensive business helicopter
charter service in the UK. With over 100 employees it operates from
South-East bases at Denham near Uxbridge and Blackbushe near Camberley. The
company has been in existence for over 20 years and is wholly owned by the
Sir Robert McAlpine Group, established in 1869 and involved with commercial
aviation since the 1940s. PremiAir’s charter fleet includes a mix of
Sikorsky S76, Agusta 109, and Eurocopter Single and Twin Squirrel aircraft.
All of its twin-engine helicopters are equipped to airline standard,
enabling them to fly in most weather conditions and at night. PremiAir
pilots each have thousands of flying hours behind them and are continuously
subjected to stringent training programmes. All of its aircraft are
maintained by the company’s own world-class engineering and maintenance
team. Visit, Tel: 01252 890089, Email:
[email protected].