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Primus Moblies Response to EC Probe into International Roaming Costs

Andrew Reid, Managing Director of Primus Mobiles comments on the European Commission’s forthcoming probe into the cost of international mobile phone calls.

Reid said: “We know that consumers are paying over the odds for making international calls. Companies keep prices high because its an oligopoly - like oil companies they act in their own interests and name their own prices.

“Primus Mobiles was set up to combat the alarming costs incurred by making international calls from a mobile to or from the UK from abroad. We have successfully reduced the costs of calling internationally by revolutionising mobile technology with our unique Primus GCS? (Global Communication Services) which is installed in every Primus handset.”

The GCS? suite of services has a number of call saving options, including Primus Call Saver? and Primus Call Request?.Ê These services allow users to communicate internationally via a mobile phone at the touch of the Primus P-key?, routing all calls via Primus’ global network and thereby ensuring cheaper rates.ÊÊÊ

Primus Call Request?Ê can be used as an alternative to roaming. If a UK customer goes on holiday to Spain, but wishes to ring a friend in the UK, he/she simply dials the friend’s number and press the Primus P-key?.Ê Primus recognises that the mobile is abroad and roaming, then prompts the customer to indicate whether they would like the call connected through their mobile or to another locally available land line number.


Reid continues: “We are constantly pushing the boundaries of mobile technology through our unique Global Communications Services? to help reduce not only the excessive cost of outbound international calls, as well as providing an alternative to high roaming charges.Ê We have the advantage of our own landline global network which the likes of T-Mobile, Vodafone, O2, among others, do not have. This enables us to massively undercut all other mobile phone companies which, at the end of the day benefit the consumer pockets.”