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El Al Israel Deploys High-Speed In-flight Internet Service

El Al Israel Airlines
and Connexion by Boeing
today announced the signing of a definitive agreement for the installation of the Connexion by BoeingSM real-time, high-speed Internet service on the air carrier’s long-haul fleet.
The agreement calls for installation of the Connexion by Boeing
service to begin in the second half of 2005 on El Al’s long-haul fleet, which
includes Boeing 747-400s and Boeing 777 aircraft.  Installations are
expected to be complete by 2007, and service will be available on the
carrier’s long-range flights.
“Boeing has a long-standing and proud relationship with El Al, an airline
that moves swiftly to bring leading services and technologies to its
passengers,” said Connexion by Boeing Vice President, Commercial
Aviation Business, Stan Deal. “We are pleased that Connexion by Boeing
has been selected as El Al’s Internet connectivity service provider of choice.
We also would like to thank the Ministry of Communications for its support
in helping to bring the benefits of high-speed connectivity to El Al and its
“El Al is proud to be among some of the first airlines in the world to provide
passengers with high-speed in-flight Internet service. In-flight connectivity,
the capability of connecting to the world in real time, represents a
revolution in service and a conceptual change amidst passengers, primarily
on long-range flights,” said Yoav Levy, El Al Deputy General Manager,
Commerce and Aviation Relations.