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Tiscover Clicks on to New Record

Tiscover achieved a new record of two million page views on 24 January 2005 - the highest number in the company’s history and an increase of 200,000 page views compared with the previous record date in 2004.

ÊThe new page view record comes after the November 2004 launch of Tiscover’s new system, Tiscover05. Millions of visitors were counted in the three-month period following the introduction of the new system, culminating in a 10% increase in page views.

The company also attributes the record to high snowfalls that affected the company’s core regions of Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany, prompting holidaymakers to book trips to the regions. At peak times, more than 1,000 online bookings and reservation enquiries were achieved per hour.

The Tiscover Data Centre recorded a significant increase in page views in December 2004 with 35 million compared to 29.5 million in December 2003.

Karsten Kärcher, executive director of sales, marketing and finance at Tiscover said: “Tiscover hit this daily page view record just three months after introducing Tiscover05, so we know that there are even more records to come.”


“The portal attracts users due to its fast page-load times, current information, images and immediate booking availability. And with over 2,000 destination and 150,000 accommodation providers on offer, net-savvy consumers are clicking on to Tiscover destinations as they know they’ll be getting the services they need to plan their next holiday.”