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Fairmont Checks In with MapInfo

MapInfo Corporation, a leading global provider of location intelligence solutions, today announced that Fairmont Hotels & Resorts is utilizing MapInfo location intelligence solutions to profile customers and validate business opportunities. MapInfo solutions enable Fairmont to improve its understanding of customers’ lifestyles and preferences, herald partnerships and property purchases—such as new hotels in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera and London—and enhance direct mailing campaigns by more than 300 percent. With 45 hotels and a guest base of more than six million people, Fairmont is one of the largest hotel-management companies in North America. Using the MapInfo PSYTE(R) neighborhood clustering system, Fairmont gains detailed lifestyle information about its customers such as: favorite destinations, hobbies and what newspapers they read. Armed with this data, Fairmont is able to accomplish the following business goals:

—Improve Direct Marketing and Advertising—Before using MapInfo solutions, Fairmont relied on general mailing lists for direct marketing campaigns. After using PSYTE Advantage to better target its direct marketing efforts, Fairmont increased its response rate from 0.5 to 2 percent. By better understanding the media preferences of its target customers, Fairmont makes more informed decisions about advertising opportunities and partnerships.

—Uncover New Customers—Fairmont used MapInfo PSTYE to identify some surprisingly strong customer groups. Traditionally, Fairmont assumed its customer base was predominately middle aged. However, after using MapInfo PSYTE, it found that young professionals made up a significant segment of its guest information. As a result, Fairmont began targeting these new groups in direct mail campaigns and researched new development opportunities.

—Validate New Real Estate Opportunities—MapInfo PSYTE and MapInfo TargetPro(R) were instrumental in validating the establishment of the soon-to-open Fairmont Mayakoba resort in the Riviera Maya and the recent acquisition of London’s famed Savoy Hotel. Fairmont used the MapInfo solutions to identify expansion locations where its existing customer base frequently travels.

“MapInfo provides us with a wealth of customer based information and helps us harness this knowledge to uncover new opportunities and revenue streams,” said Fairmont’s Executive Director of Marketing Services Sean Taggart. “The Savoy in London is a great example of how with MapInfo we researched, uncovered and validated a new acquisition for our company. Fairmont is dedicated to offering memorable experiences to our customers, and MapInfo enables us to better understand what they need in order for us to provide a superior level of service.”


“Fairmont is an excellent example of how a company can use MapInfo solutions to enhance a variety of marketing efforts and increase the value of those campaigns with scientific research. Its tremendous success with its direct mailing campaigns is further example of their ROI using MapInfo solutions,” said Michael Hickey, COO, MapInfo.